Julien Strong

Creative Cinematic Artist

A set of diverse skills

My Skills as a Cinematic Artist

Script Writer



Set Dressing

3D Modeling

Video Editing

Color Grading

Motion Design

Other Creative Skills


Image Editing

Web Designer

Live TV Director

A wide range of activities

From writing to framing, to actor direction, to video editing the finished product, every stage can be covered.

Logos animation and credits in After Effects according to a pre-established style guide.

Creation of complete virtual environments using Unreal Engine 5 or After Effects to offer a unique visual identity.

Browse a selection of photos taken over the years, and published here without any image editing.

From showcase sites for associations to YouTube channels, visual quality is always at the forefront.

Discover an atypical profile, with a passion for the visual arts and video games, and a varied career path.